Survivor Story: I was assaulted by my friend

Survivor Story: I was assaulted by my friend

Sep 08

I was assaulted by my friend

By: Stephanie

I was assaulted by my friend at camp, when I was fourteen years old.  He’d spent the summer harassing a lot of female campers, myself included.  During the last night of camp, in public, he kept shoving his hand into my crotch.  He said he would only stop if I let him feel me up, and so I told him he could.  Later that night, he told everyone in his cabin about what happened, and I ended up spending the next summer with a reputation as a very slutty girl.

I remember that I was confused and hurt.  I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t stop when I repeatedly told him to stop, or when I kept pushing him away.  I spent a long time feeling as if I had made some sort of mistake, or like I’d engaged in some very inappropriate, shameful behavior.

I know that what happened to me wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen to anyone.  A lot of people, including friends and family, have questioned whether or not I’m making a huge deal out of something that happened so long ago.  But today, if one of my friends tried to shove his hand between my thighs when I repeatedly said no, I would press assault charges.  I refuse to minimize what happened to me, just because I wasn’t physically hurt or raped, because it was still non-consensual, it still made me feel horrible, and it shouldn’t have happened.


  1. Stephanie, the guilt you’ve felt over disclosing your experience is something so many survivors feel. Sexual violation is painful in so many different ways and you’re right~ it doesn’t matter how “serious” others perceive the experience to be. A violation is a violation. It robs you of a piece of yourself and can seriously alter your own perception of yourself or your ability to live a healthy, productive life. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  2. anon

    That is a sexual violation. even though your not physically hurt or raped, you were still hurt by what your friend have done to you. It is pretty normal to feel that way especially if no one is there by your side to help you.

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